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The following resources provide basic information to better understand select mental health topics and concerns:


General Mental Health, including depression, anxiety and emotional health:

American Psychological Association

National Institute of Mental Health

PBS Series – This Emotional Life


Trauma, Resiliency and Coping with Emergency:

National Center for PTSD

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

CDC- Coping with Emergencies or Disasters


Experts say 20 percent of police calls involve people who shows signs of mental illness.
Cocaine use can affect certain immune system cells that increase a person's vulnerability to the HIV
Study shows critically ill people who spend days in an intensive care unit (ICU) often develop think
The discovery of "missing" genes could help scientists understand how autism develops, a study sugge
A new study provides hard evidence of a continuing bias against women in the sciences.
Recent study found that risk score tools are only around 46 percent accurate on how likely psychopat
The world is aging so fast that most countries are not prepared to support their swelling numbers of
Stress can cause physical changes in the brain that may be linked to Alzheimer's.
Young women using hormone-based contraceptives, including the Pill, were no more likely to be depres
People aged 65 to 90 are significantly less likely than their younger counterparts to make what rese
NYC positive ad campaign aims to reach girls who are at risk of negative body images that can lead t
The International Olympic Committee has dismissed concerns over Russia's law banning gay propaganda,
Despite reports of high academic achievement, most female students gave themselves weak self-evaluat
Study indicates that taking fast action against toxic substances can create huge benefits for human
Researchers found one in three patients was no longer depressed after three months of acupuncture or
Study shows rage is the emotion that can spark irate posts up to three degrees of separation from th
Awards can be powerful motivators, but nonstop recognition does not inspire children to succeed.
Kids who have higher IQs may have an extended period in adolescence during which they may still lear
Overcoming a fear of something can take a long time, but now researchers are saying it can be done d
Researchers say unmarried patients are more than twice as likely to die, or experience a heart attac
World Alzheimer Report says nearly half of all seniors who need some form of long-term care - from h
Employers who give money to their workers to spend on charities or on their colleagues get better re
New study shows accelerated feeding is more effective than the traditional slower, lower-calorie tre
The new debate over gun control is beginning to turn not on weapons or ammunition, but on the questi
New research is shedding light on how music education may help improve children’s reading and lang
Children and young people experience poor mental health, depression and anxiety following experience
Survey reports that worry at work may hold women back from executive success.
New research reveals the world-wide recession's possible effects on mental health.
Children who are bullied run the risk of higher mental problems that can cause them physical distres
Hallucinations are not always critical, shaming voices that urge people to commit violence.
The waivers absolve the school of responsibility if the student commits suicide — a macabre sign,
Over the last decade, U.S. kids and teenagers have started getting slightly more exercise and reduce
The FDA says its policy is not intended as a judgment on donors' sexual orientation, and instead is
An increasing number of health advocates and medical groups that say obesity should be classified as
According to Human Rights Watch, more than half of all young Yemeni girls are married before age 18.
With the help of researchers and scientists, a New York-based company has developed building standar
Experiments targeting brain plaques known as beta amyloids have come up empty, but some researchers
Study shows parents are the biggest threats to any child.
Budget cuts are specially troubling for Native Americans, whose suicide rate are four times the nati
Social-emotional learning is based on the idea that emotional skills are crucial to academic perform
Study shows men are almost twice as likely as women to look through their partner's phone without th
Elementary school children who were physically fit performed better on memory tests than kids who we
The findings may reflect the effects of the recent recession, which drove many young Americans to li
Gov. Neil Abercrombie called for a special legislative session to move forward on a bill that would
Researchers show health classes would be more effective if they addressed teens’ mental as well as
Children adopted from orphanages or in foster care have a high rate of fetal alcohol syndrome and ot
Research shows he number of gun deaths from suicide are four times higher in states with high gun ow
Adolescents who were once overweight or obese are at high risk of developing an eating disorder, but
Encouraging and counseling minority families to adopt healthier household routines led to a small de
A new United Nations report on happiness shows that the U.S. ranks 17th out of 156 countries, a smal
The rise is prompting concerns among health officials that the new devices could be creating as many
Research provides evidence that video games can alter the brain's plasticity, or its ability to chan
Study shows teenagers tend to meet yelling with even worse behavior.